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Nov 19, 2012 11:00am PST
provided, and i think that's why governor romney dropped this issue in the final debate. bob schieffer's first question was about libya, and he wanted nothing to do with it. why? he was getting the same briefings she was. >> speaking of ambassador rice, let me bring you in. maureen dowd is coming down on susan rice. >> she wanted to prove she had the gravitas for the job and help out the white house. she was focused on the pevens, not the content said one administration official. that's a quote in maureen's piece there. what do you make, again, of the focus on susan rice and what some perceive as a lack of focus on what former cia director david petraeus said or didn't say? i think peter king came out and gently worded it for peter king that the story was a bit different. >> well, i mean, i think you find a scapegoat here. she's front and center, but at the same time, i mean, there's all this incendiary talk about this, about ambassador rice, who is eminently qualified by the way. the senate did vote to confirm her four years ago. so we know that she's qualified. the question is, what'
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Nov 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
taken up the issue had governor romney done so. and, of course, that's history. no sense mopping yarborough's with it here tonight to but the fact is there is some much there that the national media has not gone after that the republican party has not gone after. this white house has refused to be straightforward. obviously running of the clock is the expression. >> right. lou: and one of the few things that is transparent about this. >> look. even with the press corps this week with the president onthis, there was no attempt to really get to the bottom of this. the closest question was something along the lines of do you think you should have known before the election that, you know, about petraeus? well, that presumes the white house line which is that he did not know. the thin the president chose not to know before the election is mind-boggling. and so they kept it from he public because it was convenient >> and another travesty here, you have these female members of congress that are calling the fact that we are going after the un ambassador because she is a woman of color, a
Nov 19, 2012 10:00am EST
issue once again to the center of american politics. gov. mitt romney received a small percentage of latino and asian voters, much less than george w. bush received, it is often noted. many said that his views on immigration and conservatism's approach to immigration generally were to blame for the gop's poor showing this time around. romney tried to appeal in some respects to all conservative factions on immigration. he repeatedly said that he was in favor of more legal immigration, emphasizing legal, but particularly during the primary season, he took a harder line on the question of illegal immigration. what we at aei have decided to do is convene a thoughtful panel of folks to discuss this service at immigration reform. this the american enterprise institute for public policy research, not the institute ofor figuring out how to get conservatives or republicans elected. we are interested in finding the right solutions to public policy problems and issues, and immigration is no different. i asked our panelists that while the temptation in the present moment will be to talk solel
Nov 19, 2012 6:30am EST
, ambassador, israel was one of the few foreign policy issues in the 2012 campaign. mitt romney saying you won't see any sunlight between the u.s. and israel. is the u.s. relationship and vice versa a healthy relationship? >> guest: it's a remarkable relationship between one of the nation's that have the small majority in israel and our great country. and it's almost a mystical relationship when you think of how much support we have showered on israel and how much support we get back. it's due to the fact that this is not just jewish support, we're only 2% of the population in the united states. it's because we have shared values, shared enemies and islamic terrorism that many people in the united states view israel as the holy land. not just jews, but non-jews as well. so it's a quite remarkable thing at a time when there is so much polarization between the republicans and democrats, it's one of the few foreign policy issues that actually unite democrats and republicans. >> host: the future of the jews is your book title provocative in any way, and do you mean it to be? >> guest: i mean it to
Nov 19, 2012 5:00pm EST
is the worry in the wake of governor romney doing some polling among hispanics it seems obvious that republicans conservatives may want to change as the approach the immigration issue and while i can't certainly know that this is true i always suspected that governor romney wasn't a hardliner on the immigration issue as he came across. i think there was a question of he had to win his party's primary yet he calculated accordingly and crafted a policy approach and rhetorical approach in keeping with that. nothing that has happened would seem to be necessarily to have changed that fact for the republicans who need to win the party nomination in order to -- i am wondering if any of you would choose to comment on that fact that this is a reality of winning the party's nomination. >> i guess going back -- not only are we going through this introspection people say we need to understand latinos i think we have to understand our own conservative base. and i think we saw that in the primary, and i will give you one example, new gingrich. his approach to immigration was actually pretty g
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Nov 18, 2012 5:00pm PST
was campaigned for governor romney and disappointed he didn't win. and i'm going to take issue with the thought that people who are poor want to be. and people getting government benefits want to stay there. as a speaks person who didn't start out on the high economic spectrum, on the other end, as a pastor for ten years and a governor and saw more than half the people get off of welfare rolls and on to a payroll, i can tell you that people in this country deep down want to work. they want dignity. they want responsibility, the idea that people are just delighted as they can be to be on a government handout indicates you must not know too many of the people i've nonthrough my lifetime. now, sometimes people give up and doesn't think there's any way out of the hole and they may resign themselves the only way they can survive and exist is through government subsidies and handouts and not because they want to be there. and republicans need to talk to the fact of people's real dreams and hopes, which is not to be on government dependent programs. but, rather, to be independent on their own feet, li
Nov 19, 2012 12:00pm EST
of the vote, and specifically because of the issue of immigration. if governor romney would have had a more destructive view on the issue from the get-go, from the primaries, he would have been a competitive candidate, and at the end, he would have ended up prevailing in the election. he didn't win contrary to what he thinks, and not because latinos voted for obamacare or entitlements. they just didn't like him because of the things said on immigration. he said people should self-deport, sounds similar to what chris would say, the secretary of state of kansas who was one of the co-authors of the arizona law and very involved with the main anti-immigrant groups, and, in fact, when they endorsed myth mitt, they went out of the way to embrace that endorsement and issued a statement saying that chris was a great leader on the fight against illegal immigration. his idea was, and i don't think it was necessarily governor romney's idea, but i think it was the idea of many g.o.p. establishment strategists that, you know, run a campaign in the primary, being a restriction, anti-imgrant, and then aft
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Nov 18, 2012 8:00pm PST
campaigned for governor romney and was for him and disappointed when he didn't win. i'm going to take issue with the perception that people who are poor want to be. and people getting government benefits want to stay there. in my experience as a person who didn't start out on the high end of the economic spectrum on the other end as a pastor for 12 years then as a governor who worked 10 1/2 years and saw more than half the people get off of welfare rolls on to a payroll, people in this country, deep down want to work. they want dignity, responsibility. the idea that people are just delighted to be on a government handout, indicates you must not know too many of the people that i have known. sometimes people give up and they don't think there's any way out of hole. they may resign themselves the only way to survive is through government subsidies and handouts, not because they want to be there. republicans need to be able to talk to the fact of people's real dreams and hopes, which is not to be on government dependent programs but rather to be independent on their own feet living in the home
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Nov 18, 2012 11:00pm PST
party had on election day with hispanics has been well documented. 71% voted for obama. 27% for romney. for walker, does your party need to rethink where it stands on the dream act in an the whole issue of the 11 million illegals who are in this country? >> we need to find a way to move forward. we wantbe more people who want to live the american dream. the country is based on immigrants. we have to find a way to welcome immigrants in. before i was for, i was a milwaukee county executive. historically i would want hispanic leaning person for the county because i had a message that resonateed with everyone. small business owners and choices whparents who want theio prevail. if we share it with all the voters we i'll do better with the hispanic voters or any other voters out there. we will do well because we have a message of prosperity and freedom for all. >> chris: look at unmarried women who backed obama by a wide margin. unmarried women voted for obama by margin 67% to 31%. governor, you say to republicans don't change principles, modernize, don't moderate. you to know during the cam
Nov 19, 2012 6:00am PST
republican leadership. it is a big issue for them. >> it is. it is almost impossible for them to divorce themselves from the right wing media. we heard more criticism of mitt romney particularly the republican governor's association going after him for the gift comments he made which was sort of another version of the 47% comment. they're saying you can't talk to voters that way. noy, jindal from -- you know,endle from louisiana saying this is what the republican party has to get away from. who practically authored the 47% comments? who cheered romney's gift comments? fox news, rush limbaugh. they love this stuff. i wrote about it during the campaign. you know. republican operatives who run campaigns for a living and know or think they know how to win independent voters look at fox news and say you are killing us. you are driving the party into the ground. you can't -- you can't do blunt. you can't win national elections or statewide elections and follow the fox news formula because it turns so many people off.
Nov 19, 2012 1:00pm PST
the election. the president has made it clear on this issue he has a mandate. >> if there was one thing everybody understood was a big difference between myself and mr. romney, it was when it comes to how we reduce our deficit, i argued for a balanced responsible approach and part of that included making sure that the wealthiest americans pay a little bit more. >> this, of course, is in direct contrast to the mantra of mitt romney and paul ryan, both of whom argued that the problem facing america is not so much its budget, but more its people. people who in the peerless words of mitt romney want free stuff from government. it's hardly surprising that the people rejected the romney/ryan analysis, particularly since it includes military veterans, the elderly, and the disabled. but not only is their analysis complete dawdlwa twadle, it fai recognize something economists know, professor richard laird found that a balanced approach to a fiscal deficit not only balances the budget, it also improves a nation's overall sense of contentment. he found two characteristics he says are crucial to ou
Nov 19, 2012 4:00am PST
representative aiken and mr. murdoch continue to focus public attention on peripheral issues that should never be part of a national discussion of federal laws. >> republicans can either respond to the demographic wave that's reshaping america or they can fight it and resist it. mitt romney's comments after the election, which were extraordinary, probably the most bitter by any loser since richard nixon's 1952 press conference, basically said that president obama bought off young people and minorities with policies that they favored. and implied that those voters were not thinking about the broader national interest. they only cared about what they were going to get. the only people really concerned about the country are people like me. it's an incredibly contempt chous way to look at the electorate. >> i would hope that he doesn't -- you know, after every presidential election, the candidate who lost is still that party's fanfare. to some degree he does represent -- there's 50 million people who voted for him. one would hope that this kind of clooefing where you see other republicans coming o
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)